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Your Online
Music School

Here at Musicskool we love hassle-free. Hassle-free music lessons to be exact.

Our modern method of teaching (yay!) takes away all the pain of traditional music lessons (yawn), and replaces it with fun, fresh, and (quite frankly) flipping fantastic musical tuition.

A little short on time? With Musicskool there’s no more racing around town for after school lessons. Students learn at their own place, at their own pace!

A little short on the readies?  We believe music doesn’t need to cost a bomb. We guarantee you’ll save thousands per year with our courses, and still get access to our experienced and (we like to think) pretty awesome teaching professionals.

Build Your Brain

And if all that fabulousness hasn’t swayed you to join us yet, there’s something else!

Here at Musicskool we know (‘cos we’ve read the studies so you don’t have to…) that music is JUST PHENOMENAL for kids; for their learning; their confidence, their brain connectivity (pretty important stuff right?) and their mental health. Need we go on? 

So what are you waiting for? You can start today. Pick your instrument and let’s get learning. 

Practicing Made Easy 


What You Get

  • 8 weekly music lessons

  • 2-3 bite-sized videos per lesson

  • Downloadable practice packs

  • Optional live online lessons

  • 90 day access

  • FREE preview lessons

  • Affordable pricing

  • Professional experienced teachers

  • Your life back (this one’s for all the busy parents)


Step 1: Choose Your Music Kit

Step 2: Enroll in the Course

Step 3: Start Learning!


Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of music with MusicSkool! Our vouchers are perfect for any music lover starting their musical journey or wanting to improve their skills. Contact us now to purchase your voucher and support your loved ones' musical passions!

Happy Clients

Liquid Bubbles
Online Guitar Class

Kate B

What a great platform! Something like this is overdue as so many kids miss out on quality  music lessons. Can't wait for more instruments to be added! 

Asian woman singing in a karaoke

Bridget M

I have been enjoying singing with the children and learning so much too. You have such a lovely manner.  We talk about “Loretta” as though you really are our personal singing tutor! I always wanted to have singing lessons so this has been a fantastic introduction.

Playing Piano

Melissa S

My kids have really enjoyed the level 1 keyboard course. The on screen visuals have helped them to understand how to read music and where to put their fingers. Loving the fun songs! 

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